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Thaddle Social Network Features


Welcome to the Thaddle Social Network White paper. Thaddle Social was developed by Saturn PCS as an added benefit for our hardware customers. It has since grown in popularity to the point that we have opened access to the public. With features such as the twitter posting boards, Facebook wall, file sharing, music and videos posting, classified ads, free eStore with Paypal and 2 Checkout, and much more.

We are currently experiencing an average of 100 new signups per day. Join us! It's Free! Just Click Here!

Below are the list of features.



General break down of STANDARD system features

ads add

ads approving

ads browse

ads delete any ad

ads edit any ad

ads search

ads view

Articles Delete

avatar delete any

avatar edit any

avatar upload

blog post add

blog post search

blog post view

blog posts approving

blog posts comments delete and edit

blog posts delete any post

blog posts edit any post

blog view

blogs browse

blogs posts browse

comments edit own

comments post

comments remove own

comments vote

create polls

events add

events approve

events broadcast message

events browse


events comments delete
and edit

events delete any event

events edit any event

events mark as featured

events search

events view

Feedback Delete

files add

files approve

files delete

files download

files edit

files view

forum del topics

forum delete all

forum edit all

forum files download

forum hide posts

forum hide topics

forum make sticky

forum move topics

forum private post

forum private read

forum public post

forum public read

forum search

forum unhide posts

forum unhide topics


get other members emails

groups add group

groups approve groups

groups broadcast message

groups browse

groups comments delete and edit

groups delete any group

groups edit any group

groups mark as featured

groups search

groups view group

News Delete

photos add

photos approve

photos delete

photos edit

photos view

send greetings

send messages

sites add

sites approve

sites browse

sites delete any site

sites edit any site

sites mark as featured

sites search

sites view


sounds add

sounds approve

sounds delete

sounds edit

sounds view

store add product

store approve product

store broadcast message

store browse

store delete any product

store edit any product

store mark as featured

store product comments delete and edit

store search

store view product

use board

use chat

use messenger

use shoutbox

use simple messenger

videos add

videos approve

videos delete

videos edit

videos view

view profiles


Wall Delete Comment

Wall Post Comment


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